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Our Company

MM Insurance services

MM Insurance Services (Pvt) Limited seek to establish and fulfill a need that exists regarding provision of in house insurance advice to corporate companies and Provision of comprehensive insurance advise to financiers, principals/ project employers, project managers, contractors and interested parties in infrastructural capital projects.

Target Clientele

The range of services offered by MM Insurance Services (Pvt) Limited are comprehensive and applicable to individuals, small to medium sized business, large corporate clients, quasi-government and government institutions.

Our Services

  • Understanding business operations of prospective clients.
    — General Insurance Broking
  • Reviewing your insurance program with a view to highlighting any potential efficacies in the cover
    — Insurance Programme & Audit
  • Providing insurance training to all relevant departmental staff whom during the course of work may come into contact with insurance procedures
    — Training
  • Highlighting and illustrating how certain insurance clauses have a bearing on commercial contracts.
    — Commercial Contracts
  • Ensure that clauses which enhance bankability of a project and enhance financial security of potential investors / financiers are incorporated into the policy.
    — Project Insurance
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