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Insurance Programme & Audit
Insurance Programme & Audit
  • Reviewing your insurance program with a view to highlighting any potential efficacies in the cover (both limits and wording)
  • Reviewing claims settlement with a view to ensuring that previous claims have not been settled, declined or repudiated in a manner that prejudices yourselves.
  • Reviewing the renewal proposals submitted by your insurers and compiling a checklist of questions which you as lay men would not be able to pose given your limited technical knowledge.
  • Assisting with compilations of insurance tenders for submission to brokers/ insurers.
  • Assisting with the adjudication of insurance tender processes to ensure that comparisons are consistent.
  • Review, improve and update procedures and processes to ensure excellent delivery of all insurance services.
  • Develop or review implementation of existing service level agreements between the client and insurers / brokers.
  • Conducting audits on your behalf to cross check and confirm that quotations presented to yourselves by brokers correspond with quotes received from insurers.
  • Checking with insurers and confirming on your behalf that premiums paid to brokers have subsequently been transferred to them.

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