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Project Insurance
Project Insurance
  • Prepare, manage and place insurance quotations and coverage‚Äôs required for construction / erection projects on a timely basis.
  • Manage data to appropriately track and report to insurance carriers.
  • Work with Costing, Subcontracting and Trade/Accounting on project issues.
  • Maintain on-going contact with inhouse technical or project departments to discuss any new insurance procedures, answer ongoing issues relating to project insurance, and provide assistance whenever necessary.
  • In conjunction with the Director, communicate regularly and effectively with Estimators, Project Managers, Supervisors, and other people necessary to manage the insurance program.
  • Interpret, create and alter contract language regarding insurance requirements, indemnity provisions, waivers of subrogation etc., associated with leases, construction agreements, and other relevant legal contracts, in conjunction with your legal department.
  • Financial Responsibility - Review insurance/broker invoices. Investigate inconsistencies and high values for appropriateness.
  • Ensure projects are charged for insurance as per quotation/ agreement.
  • Ensure that clauses which enhance bankability of a project and enhance financial security of potential investors / financiers are incorporated into the policy.

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